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Taking extra care of your largest investors saves you money

Intermediary Online transforms the interaction between your largest securityholders and Computershare by removing redundant multi-touch paper based processing and printed communications. This unique digital solution, which enables straight-through processing for efficient management of investor information, remains an industry-first.
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 Compelling advantages for doing things differently

​​​Postage rates in Australia and around the world have increased significantly in recent years, so we've been responding with initiatives that drive down our clients' costs while at the same time supporting their securityholder strategy and enhancing the service experience for their investors.​

 Some recent initiatives that streamline processes and drive an efficient register

Consolidation of CHESS acknowledgements
When a securityholder updates their personal details for multiple holdings (such as their payment details, Tax File Number or email address), they were sent a separate acknowledgement letter for each holding.

From February 2016 we began consolidating multiple CHESS holding acknowledgement letters into a single envelope. This new initiative significantly improves the securityholder experience while also achieving attractive cost savings for our clients.
A digital-first register
We regularly invite our clients to participate in new campaigns that increase the proportion of their securityholders who elect to receive all of their communications via digital channels.
We also design email collection campaigns that, when strategically planned around major corporate actions, have produced outstanding results for our clients.

 Secure, convenient and real-time access to your register information

Whether you're a company secretary or investor relations manager working for a large company or someone who's forced to juggle half a dozen different roles in a recently-listed micro-cap, we understand how important it is to reduce your administrative burden and automate as many tasks as possible.

Our web-based application, Issuer Online, is the fastest and easiest way to manage your critical securityholder information, whenever you need it; whether it's to view proxy data and monitor your live vote count, download registry reports for your board papers or be alerted when there's a change in a securityholding that belongs to a director, key management personnel or any other designated person. 

 Get more out of your register from our team of securityholder strategy experts

Andrew McClintock

Andrew leads the strategic roadmap for Computershare’s registry and employee equity plan products. He enjoys the challenge of discovering new and better ways of delivering value to customers through a combination of creativity, technology innovation and process improvement.

Andrew offers our clients extensive experience in building a range of effective securityholder communication strategies, including digital marketing, channel migration and consumer influence campaigns.

Richard Corke

With a strong focus on user experience and product design, Richard is responsible for ensuring our digital platforms are delivering the best experience possible for securityholders and clients across all device types. He leads new development initiatives in collaboration with clients and other industry participants to ensure that what we build is resolving the problems that our clients need to solve.

Scott Hudson

Scott is responsible for managing relationships with institutional investors, fund managers and custodians in all their dealings with us. He also has account leadership responsibilities for a number of issuers and this dual role enables him to streamline the interactions between intermediaries and Computershare while at the same time realise significant efficiencies for our issuers’ registers.

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