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    A good securityholder experience is also about ensuring that every interaction delivers value to your company

    We look to consumer trends in order to successfully manage the changing customer experience needs of your investors. This ensures that your securityholders can depend on a high quality omni-channel experience and you can be sure that we’re always looking for new ways to streamline these interactions.

Listening to the voice of your securityholder

By engaging an independent third party to regularly monitor your securityholders’ level of satisfaction with the service we provide on your behalf, we can identify areas for improvement and ensure we’re effectively responding to the needs of your securityholders.

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Some of the ways we take care of your securityholders

  • alerts

    Gathering missing and important information

    Personalised online messages encourage your investors to opt in for e-communications and provide payment and tax instructions for their securityholding. After introducing this function the number of securityholders providing payment instructions online via Investor Centre each month increased on average by 40%.

  • analyzing their achievement

    How would you like to be paid?

    Global Wire enables your international securityholders to receive their payments* faster and easier, in their local currency. Available to more than 100 currencies, your securityholders can conveniently update their international banking information online via Investor Centre.

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    Helping investors sell shares

    Securityholders often don’t have an existing relationship with a broker. Your securityholders can conveniently sell their shares via Investor Trade; an online service designed to help investors sell shares, without needing to open a trading account with a broker.

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    Leverage the latest in digital voting at your next meeting

    Securityholders attending a meeting in 2016 will be able to vote using Computershare’s new meeting application on their own device. This application also supports virtual and hybrid AGMs by enabling your securityholders to view live webcasts of the event and vote remotely via the app.

* Payments related to their shareholdings including dividend, distribution or capital payments. 


We’d love to show you how a great securityholder experience will enhance your brand

We’ll help to ensure that every securityholder interaction delivers value to your company.

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