A faster and easier way to receive your international payments

Through our service provider Citi, you could now receive your payments# related to your shareholdings in your preferred currency*, via Global Wire, our international wire payments service.


Secure transactions through provider Citi


Simple one-time registration


Faster funds access directly to your bank account



Do I qualify?

To use Global Wire, generally payments need to be $100 or more^. If your payment is less than $100, you will be paid by way of cheque in the default paying currency of your company (generally being Australian dollars). Terms and conditions and eligibility criteria apply.

To view the list of currencies available under this service please click here.

How do I sign up?

Before signing up, please ensure you have your SWIFT code (issued through your bank), and local banking details on hand to complete your registration process.

I am a shareholder

If you already have a login, simply go to Investor Centre and see if you can take advantage of this service.  Once you’ve signed in, simply select My Profile > Banking Details > Payment Method > Global Wire > provide banking details and finish your registration.  Please note this function is only available on desktop.

If you don’t already have an Investor Centre account, creating one is free and easy.  Simply go to Investor Centre, click ‘Create Login’ and follow the instructions to complete your registration. Once registered, follow the instructions above to select Global Wire. 

If you need help registering for Global Wire, we’ve created easy to follow demonstrations that you can access on Computershare’s YouTube channel.

I own shares in the company I work for

Simply login to Employee Online and see if you can take advantage of this service. Once you’ve signed in, simply select My Details > Banking Details > Global Wire Instruction > click Amend and complete the details.

Still have questions?

Please read the Shareholder FAQs or Employee FAQs. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, contact us on +613 9415 4000 for shareholders, or +613 9415 4088  for employees.



# dividend, distribution and other payments.

* Important note: Terms and Conditions and eligibility criteria apply (Shareholder Terms and Conditions) (Employee Online Terms and Conditions). Currency must be available under the Service and your beneficiary bank overseas must accept payment in the currency you have elected. Generally, payment can only be made in the local currency of your destination bank account.

^ If your initial payment is less than the minimum amount your election to use the service will continue to apply for future payments from the company that you have provided an election for (subject to the minimum amount threshold), until amended or revoked by you.