Many of us have now become accustomed to meeting virtually rather than in-person. Shareholder meetings have also evolved to enable virtual participation for both issuers and shareholders in a meaningful, modern way. 

Managing your virtual or hybrid meeting enables increased shareholder access and participation, and Computershare’s Meeting Solution gives you the opportunity to and think bigger and bolder when it comes to shareholder engagement strategies.

A wealth of features designed to provide a positive meeting experience for you and your shareholders

Sleek, modern user interface

Delivers an intuitive and superior experience for both you and your shareholders

Closed loop data management

Your data stays protected and secure in our robust systems

Dedicated Chairperson’s view

Your chair and board members have their own view, which allows you to present questions privately to be addressed during the meeting

Enhanced Q&A moderation

Sort, group and revise questions and communicate one-on-one with shareholders

Better meeting reports

Generate clear, easy to read meeting reports to share with your executives and board

Video options to suit your needs

Choose from remote video using webcams, or live HD video streaming from one location

Your annual meeting, your way

You have high expectations for your annual meeting, and you need it to go exactly as planned. You can trust Computershare to uphold your expectations and help you achieve your meeting outcomes. Let’s talk about your virtual annual meeting strategy.

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