​Communication has become increasingly digital and as the millennial generation moves to the fore in the global economy, we have seen greater adoption and reliance on digital communication in financial services.  That, coupled with the steady decline in shareholder attendance and the growth of digital voting channels, means it's no surprise that interest in hybrid and virtual meetings from both listed and non-listed organisations has been growing in recent years.

Whether it's an upcoming AGM, EGM or scheme meeting, Computershare can help you make your next hybrid or virtual meeting a reality.

What are hybrid and virtual meetings?

A hybrid meeting is a crossover between a physical and virtual meeting, which allows your stakeholders, shareholders or members to opt between attending at the meeting’s physical location, or being involved remotely from their smartphone, tablet or desk. This removes the need for everyone to be in one location, and opens up the possibility of higher attendance and engagement. 

A virtual meeting occurs when there is no physical meeting venue available. This means that everyone attends via an online platform, allowing them to lodge questions, vote and participate electronically in real-time, just as they would at a physical meeting.

Digital meeting solutions will continue to gain popularity as we continue our shift to a truly digital landscape because they promote innovation, inclusivity and transparency.



What a hybrid or virtual meeting could mean for your organisation


See votes in real time


Everyone can have their say


Automatic reports and a full audit trail


Technology that runs on an encrypted cloud-based server

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