Did you know your ETF registry partner can do more than reduce risk and manage compliance?

With the corporate landscape evolving and new challenges constantly emerging, deciding how to divide time between your competing priorities can be challenging. That’s why you need an ETF registry partner that can not only reduce risk and manage compliance, but also help you grow your business and drive investor loyalty.

Computershare’s ETF team is the most experienced in Australia and is backed by a partnership model designed to help you succeed.

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    Grow with confidence

    Get your products to market faster via our straight-forward and supportive listing process.

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    Advance your digital strategy

    Enhance investor engagement using best practice solutions that reduce costs and help you achieve your sustainability objectives.

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    Harness the power of data

    Gain an advantage by understanding your investors’ diverse investment goals and identifying key growth opportunities.

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    Simplify due diligence

    Proactively mitigate risk and ensure you have the information and support at hand to make informed business decisions.

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    Benefit from global expertise

    Our ETF best practices are based on insights derived from around the globe that give you a clear advantage in the market.


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