Do you know how to use the power of your investor data to identify your investors’ wants and needs?

Computershare’s ETF Intelligence Solution turns your investor data into actionable insights that help your team understand market trends and identify new business opportunities.

Our ETF Intelligence Solution’s powerful dashboards present your ETF data in an interactive view, meaning you can drill down into key data points to uncover connections and better understand your investors, their investment behaviours, and decisions.

Here’s a snapshot into some of the key areas we can help you analyse:

  • target-icon 93186C

    Asset utilisation by investor type

  • market-data-icon (SVG)

    Peer benchmarking

  • payment-icon (SVG)

    Retail investor growth

  • happy-clients-icon

    Churn and holding size by investor type

Our ETF Intelligence Solution allows you to focus on building your ETF product strategy, saving you time, resources and reducing costs. Learn how you can empower your team and drive product engagement with Computershare’s integrated and interactive analytics.


Who benefits from our ETF Intelligence Solution?

Executive Leadership

High-level pulse check showing how the ETF product suite is performing.

Product and Capital Market teams

Powerful insights about market trends and product adoption (vs peers) informing current and future product launch opportunities.

Marketing team

Target, track and measure marketing and cross-selling opportunities.

Sales team

Identify new leads and foster new and existing relationships.

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