A successful meeting lies in the planning

When it comes to your meeting, you simply want everything to run smoothly - with no surprises. And the moment one AGM closes, you're never far off starting to plan the next. We're here to take away some of that pressure by helping you to plan and execute a successful meeting.

With the ever increasing emphasis on transparent voting processes at key meetings and ballots, you can control costs and risk while ensuring accountability with our full suite of meeting management services. All your meeting requirements will be taken care of by our experienced team of specialists who will ensure full regulatory compliance while maximising engagement with your investors and stakeholders.


Prepare well by planning with our specialist team before the meeting to ensure that the logistical and procedural requirements are met. You can use our specialist knowledge to draw up and script your Chairperson's Agenda, providing the vital information on which the success of the meeting depends. Information such as the required number of attendees for a quorum, the quorum required for passing ordinary and special resolutions, the number of votes required to pass a resolution and notes on other procedural requirements are written into the agenda. 


You can confidently leave the registration of shareholders and the validation of their proxies in our hands. We will process and scrutinise votes and provide your chairperson with the final outcome.

At the meeting

Your meeting will be professionally facilitated by our experienced staff using specialised technology and with a deep understanding of regulatory requirements, ensuring accountability and continuity in dealing with your key stakeholders. 

Securing a contentious resolution

Sometimes, a resolution can face intense scrutiny from shareholders. It's essential that your proposals are clear and engaging. This means you can’t just rely on the information that accompanies the Notice of Meeting and proxy forms to tell the story. You must be proactive.

Georgeson, a Computershare company, specialises in Proxy Solicitation. Through Georgeson, together we can analyse the issues and attitudes of your shareholder base, and develop a strategy to give you the best chance of your gaining approval for your resolutions.

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Maximise shareholder participation

You can maximise shareholder participation and gain support for your resolutions with proxy solicitation campaigns conducted by our team at Georgeson.

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Did you know we c​​an help you manage other meetings too?

Our experience, services and technology can also support your non-shareholder meetings, from stakeholder in-person meetings to industry organisation and association meetings. Whatever the meeting, we'll save you time and money.



Audience Response


The key to a successful event is often the level of audience engagement and participation.


Your interaction with shareholders at company meetings will come alive using our audience response and voting solutions.  We've joined with Lumi to add an extra dimension to company meetings and other important stakeholder events. Lumi's innovative technology will keep your audience focused and engaged while at the same time improving both the quality and quantity of their responses.

With application across and beyond our full suite of corporate and member meeting services, the Lumi interactive keypad allows you to gain an instant visual response from your audience. The keypad ensures audience involvement using numeric, text-based or audio feedback via the keypad's in-built microphones.

  • Creates a stimulating hands-on environment for your shareholders
  • Registers stakeholders and polls resolutions
  • Gathers and records votes easily
  • Engages your audience using familiar devices, such as their own smartphone or tablet
  • Analyses the data collected to gain valuable insight

Company Secretarial Services

Let us help lighten the burden with our Company Secretarial Services tailored to support you when you need us most.

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