Use our multichannel platforms to stay in touch​


Engage your shareholders and reduce costs using our multi-channel communication platforms. Draw on our experience in communicating with over 125 million shareholders around the world and our in-house electronic delivery capabilities. You will reap the benefits of an effective shareholder communication strategy.

Our multichannel communications platform ensures that you have control and flexibility to deliver communications that are consistent to your brand, engage your shareholders and which ensure compliance to industry regulations.

You'll reap the benefits of

  • Maximising your cost saving opportunities
  • Gaining advantage from an end-to-end eDelivery solution
  • Increasing shareholder loyalty


eBhokisi digital postbox

Stay in touch with your shareholders with eBhokisi, our fully hosted digital postbox. eBhokisi allows you to place announcements, notices, letters and other documents into each shareholder's digital postbox and to notify them of its arrival.

Your shareholders will have secure access to the documentation 24/7 and can update their personal information online.

eBhokisi is flexible and can quickly be configured to your requirements.
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Investor Centre

Empower your shareholders with secure, 24/7, web-based services for single point of online access for standard security queries. Providing self-service options is an effective way for shareholders to manage their holding information. Registration is simple and, once registered, shareholders have a single point of online access to their complete portfolio of holdings.

Our global locations

​Our global footprint means we have the scale to maintain robust compliance, audit, risk, financial crime, disaster recovery and business continuity planning programs – offering peace of mind to our clients and their customers.

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