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Whether you are looking to increase your BBBEE holding by an IPO or an employee share scheme, we have the experience you're looking for.  We've been involved in the majority of South Africa's BBBEE schemes and know how to maximise outcomes while avoiding the common pitfalls.


The Empowerment Exchange

In November 2015, the JSE launched its new Empowerment Segment. Since the Financial Services Board has mandated that empowerment shares can only be traded on a licenced exchange, companies with BEE schemes can now list on the new board. The Empowerment Exchange offers companies the prospect of demonstrating their commitment to transformation by providing previously disadvantaged South Africans with the opportunity to own a stake in their organisations. BBBEE participants are now able to trade on a secure and regulated platform.

Rely on us

​Rely on us to steer you in the right direction – we'll be there for you from the start. You have the certainty that comes from knowing that all aspects of your IPO or employee share scheme will be managed through a single provider, giving more opportunity to generate greater interest and uptake in both, while mitigating the inherent risks. To make life easier, you can leave the BBBEE verification and monitoring in our hands.

Our Experience

Through our experience of administering a wide variety of employee share scheme as well as the majority of South Africa’s BBBEE projects, we have gained a particular expertise in communicating with shareholders from all walks of life. Take a look at some of the more significant project we've managed.


Self-service and online reporting

We know how important instant access to information is. That’s why we provide you with online self-service capabilities that offer convenient access to the information you need. Through Issuer Online, our web-based facility, you can access reports such as global top-holder, domicile, range analysis and aggregate register and have global holder search functionality.

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