Meet your intuitive employee share plan platform

Managing employee equity plans can be challenging. Your employees want an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that allows them to enroll in the plan, access it, and transact, anytime, anywhere on their device of choice.

Your plan management team wants a platform that simplifies daily employee equity plan tasks and makes it fast and easy to get the real-time reports and information to monitor plan performance and make better business decisions.

You need a partner that understands your requirements and is there to support you, recommending the best solutions for your opportunities and issues.

We believe that managing complex employee equity plans across borders should be straightforward. Our platform puts the power of intuitive connected technologies in your hands. Now you can manage all your plans from one place with ease.

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    Get a global view in a single dashboard

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    Access flexible, real-time reporting and data

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    Give employees 24/7 control of their holdings

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    Engage participants effortlessly through banners and notifications

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    Predict impacts of employment changes with a click

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    Customise the platform to your brand’s look and feel

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    Designed for employee engagement

    Employee engagement is at the heart of Computershare’s employee equity plan platform. It is only when employees understand the monetary benefits of participating in the plan and can easily and intuitively access their holdings that share ownership can successfully unlock a sense of belonging.

    • Customise to your brand’s look and messaging

    • Smooth processes with step-by-step instructions

    • Let participants personalise language and currency

    • Instant support with HelpChat, help articles and FAQ

    • Dynamically notify employees of upcoming events and tasks

    • All documents and historic transactions in one place

    • Show real-time share values and enable real-time trading

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    Managing your employee equity plans has never been this easy

    Our platform puts you firmly in control of your employee equity plans. With powerful capabilities and a modern, intuitive interface, managing your company’s plans is simple.

    • View everything you need in a single dashboard

    • Access live statistics and reporting right at your fingertips

    • Update live data effortlessly with direct edits and file uploads

    • Answer participants’ queries easily with a real-time view of their portfolios

    • Project holdings and share allocation impacts for leavers in a click

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