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    Access a full range of innovative solutions

    We support all major employee plan types, from incentives for your leadership team to share purchase plans for all employees and country specific reward schemes. We deliver plans to participants in 170 countries and counting, so you can be confident we’ll deliver a compliant solution wherever your employees are in the world.

    • Share awards

    • Dividend shares

    • Options

    • Stock appreciation rights

    • Employee stock purchase plans

    • Restricted stock units

    • Phantom plans

    Please note that some solutions may not be available in your region currently. Contact us for details.

Everything you need to manage your equity plans, smarter

Whatever your needs now or in the future, Computershare is committed to providing the best solution for you. Whether you're looking to launch a new plan, or to simplify and enhance the management of your existing plan, we are ready to help.

Working with a single partner that can provide multiple product lines and solutions means you can reduce your vendor list, streamline your services, and be more efficient by having one provider who can do more.

Take your employee equity plans and participant experience to the next level with our wide range of innovative solutions.

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    Switch to technologies that engage employees

    Enable your participants to manage their equity plans intuitively and transact in real time, any-time, with our Employee Online platform. Ensure they never miss plan events with the task manager, on-screen messaging, and push notification alerts.

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    Drive excitement and participation in your plans

    It's important to ensure employees can see the benefits of joining your employee equity plan and know how to enroll. Our communications experts have developed the ENGAGE program and will work with you to create a compelling launch campaign that sets up your plan for success.

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    Plug-in to market leading financial reporting

    EquatePyramid is the market-leading solution for accounting and financial reporting of share-based payment and cash deferral plans in compliance with IFRS and US GAAP, and other standards as required.

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    Navigate the Chinese employee equity plan market with confidence

    Establishing an equity compensation plan in China can be time-consuming as local regulations can be complex and difficult to navigate. Our local experts will guide you through the process to ensure your plan is compliant with all regulatory requirements.

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    Trustee and other supporting services

    We offer a number of other services that complement our employee equity plans, including trustee services, share registry, corporate actions, corporate governance and much more.

We provide solutions that help motivate employees, increasing engagement and performance.

Throughout the development and launch of your equity plan, we build a clear understanding of your plan and your business objectives. But this is only the beginning of your journey. We'll appoint a dedicated relationship manager to give you expert support for the life of your plan. Your relationship manager will be your primary point of contact and will ensure everything you need is delivered seamlessly.

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