Introducing TaxConnect

With different tax regimes in countries around the globe, companies have to be more vigilant than ever in tracking the tax obligations of their mobile workforce participating in employee share plans.

TaxConnect, available on the EquatePlus platform, seamlessly connects your employee share plan participants with leading global tax advisors that deliver real-time tax estimates. You can rest assured your employees' tax liabilities are calculated accurately to ensure compliance with local tax regulations.

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Simply smarter

TaxConnect seamlessly delivers real-time tax calculations to your plan participants just when they need it and gives you confidence that your tax reporting is accurate and timely. That is simply a smarter way to manage share plan tax calculations for globally mobile employees.

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    Simplify tax calculations

    With TaxConnect, the participant can see their estimated tax liability before completing a transaction, helping them make more informed decisions – there’s a direct link between the tax advisor and participants on EquatePlus.

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    Access intelligent technology

    Computershare’s intelligent technology uses logic to determine which participants can go through the standard calculation and those who need to be routed to the tax advisor.

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    Provide accuracy and confidence

    TaxConnect provides your payroll and plans teams with access to the information they need for accurate reporting in compliance with local tax regulations, helping your company remain compliant.

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    Connect with leading global tax advisors

    The solution currently links to Deloitte and EY.

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    Straightforward implementation

    With an open architecture, standardised API plugin, the solution can be easily implemented using our simple, established integration process.

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    Stay up to date – always

    Maintained and managed by Computershare, we work with your preferred tax advisor to ensure TaxConnect is always operational and delivers timely and accurate tax calculations.

Innovative solutions for you and your organization

For more than 35 years, we’ve managed employee equity plans across all major markets and global indices. With over 1,000 experts in 19 locations around the world, our expertise spans all types of plans. Whatever your needs – global, country-specific, broad-based, performance or executive – we have a solution for you.

We are committed to investing in the intuitive technology that makes it easy for your entire workforce to engage with their holdings and simplifies employee equity plan management for those in your organisation who oversee it.

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Discover how your company can take control of tax obligations for globally mobile plan participants

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