Online meetings provide several benefits for organisations. One of the most obvious issues that technology can address is the decline in shareholder engagement. Online meetings can assist companies in modernising the shareholder experience by facilitating online Q&A and digital voting.

What is a hybrid meeting?

A hybrid meeting is a crossover between a physical and virtual meeting, which allows stakeholders to choose between attending at the meeting's physical location, or being involved online.

What is a virtual meeting?

A virtual meeting sees all attendees join the meeting via an online platform that allows them to ask questions, vote and participate electronically, as they would do at a physical meeting.

Do you have to provide a physical venue for the meeting?

If you determine you don't need to offer a physical venue for your meeting, then a virtual meeting could be the right option for your organisation. If you do need to provide a physical venue, then a hybrid meeting would be required.

Do you have directors in multiple jurisdictions?

Virtual meetings allow stakeholders from across the globe to easily take part without having to leave their home or office.


What are the benefits of hybrid/virtual meetings?

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    Everyone can attend

    Online meetings allow shareholders who are in lockdown, sick or otherwise unable to attend a physical venue, to attend your meeting, vote and ask questions

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    Everyone can speak

    While physical meetings tend to favour the more vocal shareholders, a hybrid meeting can allow everyone to have a voice through moderated question time, either via an app, or teleconferencing. When logging in, attendees are either verified as shareholders or admitted as guests

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    Environmentally friendly

    Organisations can look to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce meeting costs by not having to hire such a large venue and catering, and by reducing the amount of printing required such as poll cards and other documents

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    Save time and increase certainty

    Having votes processed electronically not only saves time by providing results instantly, but it also increases certainty and is considered to be good governance