The escalation of COVID-19 has brought online AGMs to the fore in Australia, and many companies are now building these into their planning. There are many important points to consider in preparing for your first online AGM:
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    Make things simple for your shareholders by ensuring your technology offers them a seamless experience

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    Pay special attention to your Q&A – seek genuine engagement with your shareholders and ensure you are well prepared for any questions that may arise

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    Prepare your executives for success by equipping them with scripts and making time for them to rehearse and practice using the meeting technology

The Australian government has made significant headway toward more formal AGM reforms, introducing transitional arrangements that have helped to modernise shareholder interaction and provide companies with an alternative to physical AGMs during this time of uncertainty.

However, there is still some ambiguity around the way forward after the COVID-19 transition arrangements lapse on 5 November 2020. Given the relative success many companies have experienced with online meetings during the pandemic, it will be interesting to see what measures the government takes to bring AGMs into the digital age on a more permanent basis.

For many of our clients, embarking on their first online AGM is uncharted territory. Our aim is to guide and support our clients in all aspects of planning and execution. Using our depth of knowledge and expertise, in conjunction with tried and tested technology, we’ve successfully delivered more than 500 hybrid and virtual meetings globally in 2020, with many more to come.

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