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​To open a custody and settlement account, you need to complete the Custody and Settlement Agreement and provide us with FICA verification documentation and your bank account details.  

While you can find all the forms you need below, you can easily access our shareholder onboarding platform as a new shareholder to easily and securely complete this process.

new shareholder onboarding

Service and Settlement Fees


Documents you will need

Once you have read the terms and conditions and completed the Custody and Settlement Agreement, click submit.  This will attach the agreement to an email - remember, before you send, to attach your FICA verification documentation.

To find out more about the required FICA documentation visit

  • Custody and Settlement Agreement for JSE and A2X listed securities

  • Service and Settlement Fees

  • Terms and Conditions for JSE and A2X listed securities

Additional documents

The Dividends Tax beneficial owner declaration and FATCA forms are below if you need them.


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