​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Solutions that connect you and your inv​​estors to global markets

​Executing global corporate transactions means navigating a regional maze of legal requirements, market frameworks and practices, and ever-changing regulatory climates.

​As a global registrar and transfer agent, we're perfectly positioned to support companies that do business in the global markets. From our understanding and continual monitoring of changing ​​regulations and market practices, you and your shareholders have access to innovative solutions that:

  • Redu​ce the barriers that can stifle cross-border business
  • Allow companies and investors to benefit from effective and compliant company structures 
  • ​Effectively manage corporate transactions across multiple jurisdictions ​

Based in strategic jurisdictions across the globe, our experts in regulatory and market initiatives, cross-border solutions and global stock movements can help you achieve your short and long term international corporate objectives.

250multiple listed, cross-border clients
100corporate transactions managed annually by our Global Capital Markets group
30dedicated Global Capital Market experts

Creating cross-border solutions for your business

No two transactions are the same, so you need the best guidance and support when designing and implementing the most suitable cross-border solution for your company.​

  • Global stock movements

    An established global network of controls and connections gives institutional and retail investors the certainty to rapidly reposition securities between markets. A dedicated group of operations personnel use this unique in-house system, to receive, execute and balance cross-border security movements all within 24 hours. Accessing international settlement and liquidity pools has never been easier.

  • Regulatory and market initiatives

    Our experienced team of international market experts develop, share and implement appropriate strategies to capitalise on, initiate or respond to global regulatory and market developments which impact issuers, investors and markets. In particular, we focus on those impacting trading and settlement, transparency of share ownership, proxy voting and corporate actions.

  • Cross-border solutions

    To make the execution of your cross-border transactions as easy as possible, we devise sophisticated solutions with step-by-step action plans to help you navigate the demanding planning and implementation process. The types of transactions we can support include: cross-border capital raisings, re-incorporation transactions, M&A deals, branch registers, dual company structures, Depositary Interests, overseas dividend payments and withholding tax reporting.

Depositary interests

Overcome cross-border barriers to reach new capital

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  • Yum China case study

    First of its kind secondary listing: overcoming cross-border barriers to reach new capital

  • Janus Henderson case study

    One of the most prominent and complex mergers in recent years, spanning four regions.

  • Verizon Communications Inc. case study

    A global, high profile and complex transaction, with over one million shareholders.

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Global insights – submissions and papers

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  • 11 APR 2022

    2022 SEC T+1 Consultation Response

    Download 320 KB
  • 11 JAN 2021

    Computershare comments on File No. SR-NYSE-2020-96

    Download 106 KB
  • 28 SEP 2020

    Reporting Threshold for Institutional Investment Managers

    Download 266 KB
  • 12 APR 2019

    SEC File 4-725 US Proxy Reform Submission Post 2018 Roundtable

    Download 351 KB
  • 22 JUN 2018

    CHESS Replacement: New Scope and Implementation Plan

    Download 303 KB
  • 7 FEB 2018

    Public Consultation on the transposition of Shareholder Rights Directive

    Download 191 KB
  • 4 OCT 2017

    The future of shareholder meetings is virtually here

    Read Article
  • 28 OCT 2016

    Computershare submission to ASX on CHESS replacement

    Download 194 KB
  • 14 APR 2016

    SEC Concept Release Comment Letter - April 2016

    Download 330 KB
  • 20 JAN 2015

    ​Investor Vote Confirmation Discussion Paper

    Download 592 KB
  • 12 MAR 2014

    Transparency of Share Ownership Shareholder Communications and Voting in global capital markets

    Download 698 KB
  • 1 FEB 2014

    Computershare comments on the SEC Crowd Funding Rules​

    Download 724 KB
  • 1 JUN 2013

    21st Century Stock Ownership: Eliminating Paper Certificates and Expanding Direct Registration

    Download 333 KB
  • 20 SEP 2012

    Computershare's response to DTCC's dematerialization proposals

    Download 256 KB

​​Access consolidated reporting across jurisdictions

Global Issuer Online provides multi-listed issuers with a consolidated online view of all of their registers administered by Computershare.
Available around the clock and compatible with multiple devices, Global Issuer Online delivers greater transparency of registered shareholder information, removing the burden and cost of multiple service providers and disconnected systems.
With sophisticated cross-register searching and reporting functionality, our platforms connect at a global and regional level, delivering the world's most advanced global shareholder reporting system.
  • Global holder search

    Issuers can search for holders across all registers, and drill down into locally held information for more detail.

  • Global top holder reporting

    Daily snapshot of the largest securityholders in the company group based on the number of securities owned and percentage of issued capital held.

  • Aggregate register reporting

    Combines capital information for all registers. Reconciliation across registers is automated.