In today's dynamic business landscape, economic uncertainty has become an almost constant companion for many organisations across the globe. With inflation, comes heightened cost of living pressures for employees, and when searching for ways to increase the money 'in their pocket' some may begin to reconsider their participation in an employee share plan.

Amidst these increasing challenges, companies face the crucial task of maintaining employee confidence and driving participation in their share schemes. As a global employee share plan provider, we understand the importance of equipping our clients with the tools and insights needed to navigate these uncertain waters effectively.

Here are five key strategies to help your organisation maintain share plan participation during uncertain economic periods:

examine the strategy

Examine your strategy

Consider how your company could alter its employee compensation strategy to provide more equity incentives. Organisations should consider offering share options, restricted shares, or employee share purchase plans (ESPPs) to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of your employees. Also, by allowing employees to customise their participation levels and offering exit-term flexibility, companies are more likely to enhance engagement and drive participation.

using mobile devices

Ensure clarity and transparency

Transparent communication is paramount during periods of uncertainty. Organisations should proactively communicate with employees about company status, the impact of economic conditions on the business, and how employee share plans fit into the bigger picture. Providing regular updates and fostering an environment of transparency builds employee trust and confidence.

promote your ESP

Promote education and awareness

Many employees may not fully understand the benefits of participating in an employee share plan, especially during times of economic uncertainty. Implementing education and awareness campaigns can help employees understand the value of share ownership, how share plans work, and the long-term benefits. By empowering employees with knowledge, organisations can increase participation and engagement in their share schemes.

mobile technology

Conduct regular reviews

Economic conditions can change rapidly, meaning that conducting regular reviews of your employee share plan is integral. Organisations should regularly assess the performance of their share schemes, taking into consideration aspects such as market trends, regulatory changes, and employee feedback. By staying agile and responsive, organisations can adapt their share plans to align with changing business needs and market conditions, while maintaining competitive in their industry.

employee survey feedback

Encourage employee feedback

In addition to regularly assessing share plan performance, engaging with employees via surveys is a great way to encourage feedback about your company's employee share plan. Asking both participants and non-participants what they think of the plan, can help you to become more agile and responsive, and adapt the share plan to better suit your employees' needs.


Ensuring the success of your employee share plan during periods of economic uncertainty requires a strategic and proactive approach. By prioritising these strategies, you can empower your employees to become stakeholders in your company's success, even during the most challenging times. As your trusted employee share plan partner, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way on your journey towards employee share plan success.

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