Through our service partner Citi, you could now receive your dividend and distribution payments related to your shareholdings in your local currency. Our new International Currency Exchange (ICE) service provides you both convenience and peace of mind to receive your payments.

85 local currencies
More than 85 local currencies
Fast access to funds
Fast access to funds
Competitive exchange rates
Competitive exchange rates
Secure service provider Citi
Secure service provider: Citi
Easy one-time enrolment
Easy one-time enrolment

How do I qualify?*

Payments need to be $15 or more to use this service. If your payment is less than the $15, you will be paid by way of cheque in the default paying currency of your company (generally Canadian dollars). Terms and conditions and eligibility criteria apply.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy to get started. You can sign up online through Investor Centre or via paper form.

I am a shareholder

If you already have a login, simply go to Investor Centre and see if you can take advantage of this service. Once you’ve signed in, simply select My Profile > Banking Details > International Wire > Country of Payment > Currency of Payment > Accept Terms & Conditions > provide banking details and finish your registration.

If you don’t already have an Investor Centre account, creating one is free and easy. Simply go to Investor Centre, click ‘Register now’ and follow the instructions to complete your registration. Once registered, follow the instructions above to select ‘International Wire’.

If you are unable to register through Investor Centre, go to Printable Form section of Investor Centre, download the International Currency and Wire Payment Registration Form. Complete the form and mail to the Computershare address indicated.

What local currencies are offered for cheques and electronic fund transfer payments?

Cheque payments are currently available for more than 25 currencies. Electronic fund transfers are currently available for more than 85 currencies. This list is subject to change anytime.

Have more questions?

If you have any questions, please read the Shareholder FAQs. If you still require further assistance, contact us at 1 514 982 7555.


Important notes:
*Terms and Conditions, and eligibility criteria apply. This service is currently not available to residents in Québec. The International Currency Exchange and International Wire Services, being provided by Computershare Trust Company of Canada (“Computershare”) to the Company declaring your dividend or distribution entitlement (the “Services”), allow you to select the currency in which you receive funds and to have such payments wired to your bank. You can initiate or terminate your usage of the Services at any time. Selected currency must be available under the Services and your beneficiary bank overseas must accept payment in the currency you have elected. Generally, payment can only be made in the local currency of your destination bank account.