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The accurate and compliant reporting for your Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) is essential to driving important business decisions. Enhance your investment in the EquatePlus platform with our integrated financial reporting solution, EquatePyramid.

EquatePyramid delivers an extensive range of advanced accounting and disclosure reports.

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    Reporting wizard

    The Reporting Wizard allows you to create custom reports to meet your requirements regarding content and layout. You can export in your desired format: Excel, html, csv, txt.

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    Real-time reporting

    Receive feeds containing participant and transactional data directly from company records and third-party systems to create reports in real-time.

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    Multiple valuation models are available including the Black-Scholes-Merton model with support for increasing strike or caps/brakes.

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    There is complete mobility support on legal entity, different accounting dimensions (e.g. business units or geographical location), tax regime, home country, host country, and more.

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    Performance conditions

    The integrated performance functionality allows for performance tracking where all historical estimates and actuals are stored. Non-market and Market conditions are supported.

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    Accounting principles

    The subplan setup enables full control over assumptions and accounting principles. Expected forfeiture and other assumptions or expectations can be set on a subplan level.

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    Sorting and drill-down

    The different reports enable sorting and grouping with drill-down to a transactional level. This enables efficient reporting compliant with your internal bookkeeping procedures.

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Extensive reports

EquatePyramid delivers an extensive range of advanced accounting and disclosure reports.

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    • Expense reporting – Compliant with IFRS-2, ASC 718 and IAS 19.

    • Social Security tax accruals – Intrinsic and fair value calculation methods.

    • Deferred Tax Assets (DTA) – Compliant with IAS 12 and ASC 740.

    • Dilution reporting (diluted eps) – Period and year-to-date dilution according to IAS 33 and ASC 260.

    • Tax equalisation – Including gross-up and social security tax accrual for participants with tax equalised grants.

    • Recharges reporting – Inter-company recharges based on corporate methodology.

    • Disclosure reporting – Tables, information and figures for notes to financial statement.

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