​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Expert support through our comprehensive range of mortgage and loan services

Whether you need to find a robust, compliant and efficient way of managing your mortgage assets or are looking to maximise the value of a portfolio, we're here to help.

With our appointment to service the mortgage book of UK Asset Resolution (UKAR) and the acquisition of HML in 2014, we've brought our mortgage servicing businesses under one UK Loan Services umbrella to create an even stronger business.

Our outsourced mortgage servicing solutions include:

  • exceptional debt management and customer service capabilities
  • credit management
  • mortgage origination
  • asset trading​
  • IFRS9
  • Interest-only strategies

Beyond our core third-party mortgage services, we can also support you with a broad range of other loan products and services alongside legal title, business intelligence, and standby and securitisation.​

CLS…the award-winning loan servicer!

Computershare Loan Services is delighted to be the winner of four Mortgage Finance Gazette Awards 2020. This is a fantastic achievement, particularly considering that we took home a brand-new award - Best Loan Servicer. You can find out a little bit more about each award below.

Best Loan Servicer Award

Winning a new award category is a fantastic achievement and one of the stand-out points of our submission was our involvement in the rapid book sales we are seeing within the industry, particularly those sold by UKAR.

Best Debt and Arrears Management Strategy – non-lender

We are proud to take home this award yet again. We won this award for our work on the Support for Mortgage Interest project, which helped clients’ customers navigate government mortgage benefit changes.

Community Services – non-lender

All of our sites do some amazing work within their communities and this submission particularly focused on our efforts for Kinship Care Northern Ireland.

CSR – non-lender

Our support for the Computershare community giving programme Change A Life and our continued sustainability drive were two standout points of this submission.

Our scale

​Computershare Loan Services (CLS) is a leading international third-party mortgage service provider. We administer over £100 billion of assets globally and support hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the lifecycle of their loans. In the UK, we manage approximately £40 billion of assets for clients including retail banks, insurers, hedge funds and investment banks.

1100UK employees
140000Customer calls each month
372000Customer accounts

​Why manage your portfolio with us?


Reduce costs
Entrusting us is more cost effective than managing in-house
Work with experts
We have unrivalled experience in migrating complex portfolios ​from a range of platforms
We'll manage your customer communications
You can trust us to deliver your branded communications
Receive valuable portfolio insight
Make smarter decisions using our industry-leading data analytics and valuable insight on your portfolio
Maximise the value of your portfolio
Benefit from our award-winning arrears management and debt strategy
Quick product launch
We can help you launch new products quickly and successfully
Improve your customer experience
Our investment in technology and digital solutions helps us to improve your customer experience
Get the latest market updates
Keep up to date with the latest market trends from our industry experts


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    Responsible mortgage industry key to fixing housing market

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    Computershare releases “futureproofed” online mortgage platform

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    Named Best Debt and Arrears Management Strategy

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  • 14 NOV 2016

    HML re-brands as Computershare

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  • 4 MAY 2016

    Computershare appointed by UKAR to undertake mortgage servicing

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