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Sorry, we can only accept electronic payments

As we continue to take steps to reduce the risk of Coronavirus infecting our employees, we’re transitioning to a Working from Home solution. This means we’re no longer accepting payments by cheque for childcare vouchers and service charges. With immediate effect, we can only accept electronic payments.

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How to stay eligible for childcare vouchers

As of 4 October 2018, childcare vouchers closed for new parent registrations. If you're a parent who already takes childcare vouchers, you're eligible to carry on doing so for as long as you need, as long as you order at least once every twelve months. We're still here to help if you have any problems with your voucher orders.

All registered childcare providers can accept childcare vouchers as a method of payment, including nurseries, nannies, childminders, out of school clubs, extra-curricular activities (such as music lessons), holiday clubs and breakfast/after-school clubs.

We're proud to have helped hundreds of thousands of families save money over the years.

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Here's some of the common questions we're being asked at the moment:

  • Most childcare providers and nurseries will continue to take payments from parents whether their services are used or not, even when the government has asked them to close. Nurseries will generally give two weeks per year holiday but parents still have to pay for the rest of the year.

    Each provider is different so you should check with your provider regarding contracts and/or agreements before reducing your voucher deductions, as you may be obliged to pay the fees.


     › If your childcare provider is not expecting payments while the child is in isolation because of the virus, then you may wish to consider reducing your order value. The minimum value that can be ordered is £20 per month. You need to check with your provider before making any reduction.

     › You should talk to your childcare provider about whether you must continue to pay fees. This may be covered in any contract you have in place with the provider. For example, a contract may state that no refunds will be given should the provider forced to close for reasons beyond its control.

     › Some childcare providers may refund fees, or not require payment, if these exceptional circumstances are covered by their insurance, or if they receive funds from the government.

  • ​Yes, as long as you restart within 12 months of your last voucher purchase (pay date, not issue date) and you're still with the same employer.

  • ​If you pay basic rate tax and take the maximum voucher deduction of £243, you make savings of £77.76 per month. If you pay higher rate tax and take the maximum voucher deduction of £124, you make savings of £52.08 per month.

  • ​Yes – providing your childcare voucher provider is registered with us to accept the vouchers.

  • We have a large network of carers who you can use your vouchers with. There's an option to search for other registered providers within your online account.

    Vouchers don't expire until the 1 September after your youngest child's 15th birthday (16th birthday if your child is registered disabled).

  • ​This depends on whether your employer allows refunds. All voucher refunds must be processed back through your payroll so that the appropriate NI and tax is paid.

  • ​You'll need to make contact with your childcare provider who will need to arrange to return the funds to us. We'll then return the money to your account.

    The carer must use the following bank details to return the funds to us;

    Sort Code: 16-08-95

    Account number: 10000332

    Reference: Carer ID & Parent Name

  • ​E-vouchers are valid for as long as you have an eligible child. Paper vouchers are valid for 12 months, but you can request a re-print after this period, or exchange your paper voucher for an e-voucher through your online account.

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