​Childcare vouchers are an employee benefit, which is exempt from tax and National Insurance 

Working parents can use childcare vouchers to pay for registered childcare (such as nurseries, playgroups, out of school clubs, activity holidays or breakfast clubs). Because it's a salary sacrifice scheme, parents can save up to £933* a year on their childcare costs.

Childcare vouchers are NI exempt for employers too, meaning businesses can save up to £402** a year for each employee that takes part.

We provide childcare voucher services to 15,000 companies. Each month 140,000 parents use our vouchers to pay 120,000 carers.


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* Figures quoted are the maximum available savings for a Basic rate taxpayer. Higher and Additional rate taxpayers may save around £623 a year. The savings parents make will depend on their circumstances.


**Annual employer NI savings for a Basic rate taxpayer taking the full £243 voucher value. The maximum savings available will be less for Higher and Additional rate taxpayers.