About Gilts

A gilt is a UK Government liability in sterling, issued by HM Treasury and listed on the London Stock Exchange. The term 'gilt' or 'gilt-edged security' is a reference to the primary characteristic of gilts as an investment: their security. This is a reflection of the fact that the British Government has never failed to make interest or principal payments on gilts as they fall due.


The UK Debt Management Office (DMO) has announced that the first Green gilt will be issued in week commencing 20 September 2021, these gilts can be bought and sold in the same manner as other gilts. For more information regarding Green gilts, or any other type of gilt please visit the UK Debt Management Office Website.

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You can talk to a representative by calling 0370 703 0143 (between 9am-5pm GMT)

If you would like to email us a question, please view our FAQs or email us directly at: gilts@computershare.co.uk

If your query does not relate to gilts, please visit Computershare's Investor Centre for help and contact details.

If your query relates to Premium Bonds, these are dealt with by National Savings and Investments and you should therefore contact them directly.

Purchasing or Selling Gilts

Through the Purchase and Sale Service:

In order to purchase gilts using the Purchase and Sale Service provided by Computershare Investor Services, as agent for the UK Debt Management Office (DMO), you will need to be accepted into the DMO’s Approved Group of Investors, which is only available to UK residents.

Individuals wishing to join the Approved Group will need to satisfy the criteria established by the Registrar and DMO to meet their anti-money laundering obligations. You can find the appropriate forms, using the Downloadable Forms link below. 

We are now able to accept cheques for purchases of £1,000 or under. Please refer to the current Terms and Conditions on the Downloadable Forms page for further information on how to pay for your purchase if the amount is over £1,000.


Through Auctions/New Issues:

Auctions/New Issues are currently suspended for Retail Holders, we will update this page as and when this option becomes available again.


Selling your Gilts:

You may use the Purchase and Sale Service to sell your gilts, the Application to Sell Form can be found in the Downloadable Forms section. You do not need to be on the Approved Group of Investors to be able to sell through this service.