​​​​​​​​​​Manage your new lending strategies

​​When launching a new mortgage product, you'll want a fast launch to save time, money and resources. You'll also want to focus on your customers' experience, rather than being distracted by complexity and cost.

As a lender, your brand needs to be protected across a variety of customer channels. We'll work with you as your trusted origination partner, so we provide the certainty you require for a successful lending operation.​

We can deliver a diverse range of mortgage products:

  • ​​Residential
  • Buy to let
  • Equity release
  • Offset and flexible products
  • Commercial

Our flexible mortgage product system supports:

  • ​all forms of repayment type:
    • ​Capital and interest
    • Interest only
    • Part and part
  • all major product types:
    • Fixed​
    • Discount
    • Tracker
    • Variable
  • ​different interest methods:
    • Libor
    • Band of England
    • Eur​ibor
  • ​​unlimited range of loan-to-values (LTVs)

iCONNECT mortgage origination

iCONNECT is our main custom-built platform which we use to run our administration services. It's based on a market-leading solution and includes a collection of components, delivered via digital channels and configured to meet your requirements.

Our platform can integrate with portals for:

  • ​brokers
  • customers
  • branch staff
  • contact centre staff
  • back office staff
  • system administrators

We can also include an internet customer portal for customers to complete their application on a self-service basis and track the progress of their application.

Administer your mortgage accounts

Managing every aspect of your portfolio.
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