In this region

  • 4,900 employees
  • All offices use recycled paper
  • All offices have removed individual waste bins
  • All offices recycle paper and cardboard

 Bristol, United Kingdom

Work bus

We provide a free-to-use double decker bus service into and from Bristol, which runs six times a day. The service is used by 11% of our employees each week, reducing the number of cars on the road. We've recently increased our investment in this service with better buses and an additional morning service, as well as discounted fares (70% off) on other services to make them available to more of our employees.


LED lighting

In Bristol, we recently installed LED lighting in all of our car parks, which has reduced energy consumption significantly in those areas.



In addition to purchasing coffee, tea, sugar and snacks across all of our UK offices, we recently introduced Fairtrade polo shirts for our Technology and Communication Services staff. ​

We have hosted regular Fairtrade stalls in our office in Bristol, which sell chocolate and other goods as well as providing employees with lots of information about Fairtrade and its benefits.

In May we were once again named a 'Fairtrade Workplace of WorldChangers' by the Fairtrade Foundation.​



Green Organisation Award – Bristol Green Capital Awards

Sustainable Purchasing Award – Bristol Go Green Awards

South Africa​

​Go Monate Fela vegetable garden

In 2014, our team in Johannesburg set up a vegetable garden as part of Computershare’s annual Green Office Challenge. The office had empty and fairly large plant pots on the premises, so they decided to make use of them by weeding and fertilizing the soil and buying seedlings to be planted. The idea was to start an office organic vegetable garden and to donate the harvest to a worthy cause with a focus on children’s needs.​


​​eWaste recycling hub

This initiative encourages environmental awareness among our staff in Johannesburg by providing an environment where they can dispose of their electronic waste responsibly instead of disposing of it at home with normal waste. The team allocated the 6th Floor of their building as an e-Waste hub.​

Save the environ​ment campaign

In recognition of World Environment Day in June 2016, colleagues in Johannesburg were encouraged to sort their waste (paper, tin, plastic, glass) at home and to bring it to the office for disposal. This project was planned to run for a week but because of the tremendous support from staff, the local sustainability team decided to keep it as an ongoing project. Remade is a recycling company that recovers all the office's recyclable waste and takes it to be recycled.

Green Office Challenge Results

We asked our offices to complete a sustainability audit, indicating whether tasks were complete, in progress, not started or impossible.
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