​​Each year, Computershare's Sustainability team organises a Green Office Challenge, giving employees across the globe the chance to take part in environmental initiatives, either in the office or across the wider community.

'How Green is Your Office' was our sixth Green Office Challenge. In September 2015, offices were asked to undertake an audit of their environmental credentials by completing a standard scorecard. There were 42 measures across four key categories of energy, transportation, water and waste. Offices could mark a measure completed, in progress, not started or impossible. An example of something 'impossible' is introducing a car-share process in Hong Kong – as everyone travels to work using public transport.

Once the baseline scores had been established, offices had a clear view of where they were performing well and where they had the opportunity to improve their metrics. Over the next five months, locations were encouraged to undertake activities to increase their score.

Offices were grouped into three categories of 'owned office' 'sole tenant office' and 'multi-tenant' office and competed against each other for the prizes on offer – with an overall global achievement prize on offer for the office with the best set of overall metrics.​​​​​​​

Use the tiles on the right to see an overview of our sustainability achievements in each region.



​Category ​Winner
​Most Improved Multi-Tenant Office​ ​Philippines - Hanston Square
​Most Improved Sole Tena​nt Office ​Australia - Brisbane
​Most Improved Owned Office ​Australia - Melbourne (Yarra Falls)
​Best Multi-Tenant Office ​United States - Louisville
​Best Sole Tenant Office ​Australia - Brisbane
​Best Owned Office ​Australia - Melbourne (Yarra Falls)
​Global Best Office ​​United States - Louisville


Top 10 performing offices


​​​Office ​Overall progress score
​USA - Louisville​ ​​100%
​Canada - Calgary ​99%
​UK - Jersey ​99%
​USA - Burr Ridge ​98%
​USA - College Station ​97%
​USA - San Francisco ​96%
​USA - Seattle ​95%
​Sweden - Danderyd ​95%
​Hong Kong - Wanchai ​94%
​Australia - Perth ​94%​

Thanks to the Green Office Challenge, we have a valuable pool of data which allows us to easily identify areas for improvement. We can also see the areas in which we've been particularly effective over the past five plus years. The full results are available next to the summary for each region. Key areas of achievement on a global level are as follows:​

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    Paper recycling

    89% of our offices have recycling points for paper.

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    Plastic cups

    87% of our offices have removed plastic cups from their meeting rooms.

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    87% of our offices recycle printer toner.

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    Computer equipment

    81% of offices recycle all obsolete computer equipment.