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  • 900 employees
  • All offices encourage plants to improve internal air quality
  • All offices use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • All offices book eco friendly hotels



Zipcar corporate discount

In November 2015, the green team in Canada partnered with Zipcar in both the Toronto and Vancouver offices to offer employees a discount on the popular car sharing service.
  • Each and every Zipcar takes 15 personally-owned vehicles off the road
  • After joining Zipcar, 90% of members drove 8,800 kilometres or less per year. That adds up to more than 121 million litres of crude oil left in the ground—or 829 litres saved per Zipcar member
This initiative has been well received with 25 staff members signing up for a membership.

Free media library

We have implemented a Free Media Library in the lunch room in Toronto and have encouraged staff to bring in used books, CDs and games to share with colleagues and divert them from landfill.
This initiative has been well received with the shelves filling up in the first few weeks after it was implemented.

Steward Bags partnership

We partnered with Canadian company Steward Bags ( during Green Week (April 18-22) to offer a 10% discount to employees on reusable produce bags. While the City of Toronto does accept plastic bags for recycling, many municipalities still do not. Reusable produce bags help keep plastic out of landfills. Steward Bags are made out of certified organic cotton, are fair trade/fair labour and biodegradable. The team also used the $250 they won in Computershare's Carbon Games to buy more and will be running a contest in the office to raise awareness around Computershare's sustainability efforts and giving the bags away as prizes.

Coffee pod recycling

As part of the Global Office Challenge, our team in Toronto partnered with TerraCycle to offer coffee pod recycling. Coffee pods are collected from the Keurig and Tassimo machines and shipped to TerraCycle where they are diverted from landfill and upcycled into cool new products. This initiative has been very successful with 100% participation rate from those who use the single serve machines. Overall perception has been good as many people weren't aware that these pods could not be put in the regular recycling. Since its implementation in November 2015 almost 2,000 coffee pods have been diverted from landfill in Toronto.


Book exchange

The Calgary office has set up a book exchange for employees bring in unwanted books to share with their colleagues.

Recycling station

The green team in Calgary used their prize money from Computershare's latest Carbon Games to improve recycling stations and relocate them to a more convenient location, resulting in an increase in recycling.

Grey water recycling for plants to be watered

We have collect unused drinking water, left-over water in kettles, etc.  The team have made arrangements with the Plant Care Company to use these jugs to water plants, which has worked well.​


Coffee pod recycling

We are now recycling used coffee pods via TerraCycle.
This initiative has been very successful with 100% of the sachets now being recycled.

Cloth hand towels added

Cloth towels have been added in the main cafeteria & boardroom kitchens to help reduce use of paper towels.

Green Office Challenge Results

We asked our offices to complete a sustainability audit, indicating whether tasks were complete, in progress, not started or impossible.
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