​​​Year​​Dividend​​Record date​​Payment date​​AU cents per share​​Franking %
​18 August
​13 September
​17 February
​18 March
​19 August
​14 September
​Interim​19 February ​19 March​23c​30%
​2019​Final21 August​16 September​23c​30%
​​2019​Interim​​20 February​15 March​21c​30%
​​2018​​Final​​22 August​​17 September​​21c​​100%
​​2018​Interim​​21 February​​16 March​​19c​​Unfranked
​​​2017​​Final​​23 August​​18 September​​19c​​Unfranked
​2017​Interim​27 February​22 March​17c​30%
​​2016​​Final​​17 August​​13 September​​17c​​20%
​​2016​​​Interim​​22 February​​16 March​​16c​​10​0%
​​2015​​Final​​20 August​​15 September​​16c​​25%
​​2015​​Interim​​23 February​​18 March​​15c​​20%
​​2014​​Final​​21 August​​16 September​​15c​​20%
​​2014​​Interim​​24 February​​18 March​​14c​​20%
​​2013​​Final​​26 August​​17 September​​14c​​20%
​2013​​Interim​​25 February​​19 March​​14c​​20%
​​2012​​Final​​20 August​​11 September​​14c​​60%
​2012​Interim​​25 February​​19 March​​14c​​60​%
​2011​Final​​​22 August​​13 September​​14c​​60%
​2011​​​Interim​​22 February​​16 March​​14c​​60%


 Dividend Reinvestment Plan

​​​​​In January 2013, Computershare Limited announced that it had introduced a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) which provides shareholders with the opportunity to reinvest all or part of their dividends in additional Computershare shares, free of brokerage and other transaction costs.

The Computershare DRP is open to shareholders who have a registered address in Australia or New Zealand as at the record date for the relevant dividend.
Participation in the DRP is under the terms of the DRP rules, which are available below.  A summary of how the DRP operates is set out in the Frequently Asked Questions, also available below.
If you elect to participate in the DRP, the number of DRP shares you will receive will be calculated by dividing the amount of your dividend that you have elected to participate in the DRP by the DRP share price (calculated in accordance with the DRP plan rules), rounded down to the nearest whole share.  Your residual cash balance will be carried forward to the next dividend payment.
Participation is optional.  If you are an eligible Computershare shareholder and wish to participate in the DRP you can provide your election by logging onto Computershare’s Investor Centre at www.investorcentre.com.  You will need to have your SRN or HIN (as applicable) and postcode handy.
Alternatively, if you wish to complete a DRP form please contact our share registry on 1300 307 613 (within Australia) or +61 3 9415 4222 (overseas) .


FY21 Final Dividend

On 10th August 2021, Computershare declared a final dividend of AU 23 cents per share (60% franked) with a record date of 18th August 2021 and a payment date of 13th September 2021.

The DRP will apply to this dividend. The DRP pricing period for this dividend will be from 23rd August 2021 to 3rd September 2021 (inclusive). No discount will apply to the DRP price.

DRP elections for this dividend must be received by 5pm Melbourne time on 19th August 2021. Any elections received after that time will not be effective for this dividend payment but will apply to future dividend payments.

Computershare listed on the ASX in 1994

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