In this region

  • 435 employees

    (Excluding Indian JV)

  • All offices have stopped using polystyrene

  • All offices have recycling points for batteries

  • All offices have run a print and waste employee awareness campaign

Hong Kong

  • Dongjiang headstream project

    Computershare Hong Kong donates to Friends of Earth (FoE) based on our annual eIPO applications and paper recycling. As a result of our donations, 13,000 trees have been planted since 2010 at the Dongjiang headstream, which supplies drinking water to Hong Kong. In April, two employees from China joined an Eco Trip to Xunwu, one of the tree planting sites Computershare has sponsored.

  • Red packet recycling

    Following Chinese tradition, married couples give out red packets during Chinese New Year – equating to millions of paper packets across ​China and Hong Kong. Computershare works with Greener Action to encourage our employees to recycle red packets after they've been used.


  • Tree planting site visit in China

    Employees in our offices in Hong Kong and Beijing raised over HKD22,000 to plant 200 Osmanthus trees in China. The mature flowering trees will support the local bee population, which has suffered as a result of citrus greening disease and cold weather, impacting the bee farmers who rely on them as a source of income.​​​

Green Office Challenge Results

We asked our offices to complete a sustainability audit, indicating whether tasks were complete, in progress, not started or impossible.

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