Sustain Development Goals

Computershare strives to have a positive impact on our people and broader communities across the world.

We work hard to nurture a company culture that empowers people to be themselves and maintain good health. We are committed to celebrating diversity, driving inclusion, and incorporating practices that promote wellbeing into everything we do.

Our work to support communities outside our workplaces is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) makes our business stronger

We are proud of the diverse and inclusive workplace we have created over the years and continue to nurture.

Our employee survey results show that our people believe their unique experiences and thoughts are valued highly.

We also incorporate equity into our decision-making principles, recognising that we do not all start from the same place and need to acknowledge and make adjustments to address imbalances. This is reflected in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy.

Some of our achievements to date:

  • Completed our first multi-year Diversity and Inclusion strategy that was launched in FY19
  • Joined the 30% Club, which has the goal of seeing women take up 30% or more of the positions on boards of listed companies – a target we’ve exceeded on the Computershare Board
  • Created eight Employee Resource Groups so far, with representatives globally
  • Introduced a global calendar of employee-driven events to promote inclusion, mental health and wellness initiatives

Our DEI strategy

Computershare’s FY23-25 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy details the steps we will take to achieve five key actions over this period, being:

  • Ensure visible leadership commitment
  • Capture more data and set targets to accelerate diversity in leadership
  • Further embed diversity principles into People policies and processes
  • Continue our talent acquisition review
  • Integrate diversity into customer and supplier channels

The plan also includes measures for success and a three-year horizon plan to ensure long-term progress.


Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Our ERGs are employee-led collectives of people with common experiences, and allies. They are intended to affirm and shape the culture of inclusion across our company.

We have currently eight ERGs, being the Black Leadership Group, three regional Women4Women groups, Purple Pride, Healthy Minds, DisABILITY and Hispanic and Latino Opportunity for Leadership Advancement (HOLA). They:

  • Have more than 1,800 members who help us build a better, stronger business by working on key objectives and priorities
  • Support our employee engagement programs through hosting events and providing learning resources
  • Review and develop policies, such as our Gender Affirmation Policy
  • Guide our Talent Acquisition marketing materials, to help attract a diverse range of people into the organisation
  • Inform our People policies to ensure we embed inclusive language and principles

Learning and development

We provide learning opportunities for our people to ensure that they have the right skills, abilities, and knowledge required to perform their work.

We also offer employees opportunities to develop their skills so they can comfortably take on new responsibilities and progress their career within Computershare.

For more than two years we’ve partnered with Solaris, an external leadership development program for Black women professionals. We’ve enrolled 17 of our team in the one-year program.

Our global HQ – built for wellbeing

Yarra Falls is Computershare’s global headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

The office has been renovated for a workforce driven by flexible working and to promote health and wellbeing for our people. It features:

  • Centralised food preparation to encourage staff out of their chairs and away from the work areas for a movement and mental break
  • Skylights to boost natural light, with most of workstations located underneath them
  • A gym, as well as a bicycle storage area and repair facilities to encourage exercise
  • Plants to improve air quality and help reduce stress


Change A Life

Change A Life is Computershare’s charitable foundation that was founded in 2005, with the aim of empowering people facing economic challenges around the world.

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Our annual ESG Report includes further information on our efforts to do the right thing by our people and communities.

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