Strategies to reduce postage cost

In today's highly competitive environment, reducing and controlling operating costs has become a necessity. When postage contributes to over 50% of the total cost to communicate, organisations can achieve significant savings by adopting a few simple strategies.

Over the past three years, the cost to send a small letter has increased by over 60%
Here are the most effective ways to reduce postage cost based on our experience working closely with a range of clients.

1. Co-mailing

Combine multiple correspondence into one envelope. You can save by planning your communication needs in advance.

A leading regional bank saved $110,000

2. Frequency of delivery

Certain types of correspondence, such as bank statements, may not require frequent delivery.

Have you considered changing to quarterly statements?
3. Speed of delivery

The introduction of the dual-speed service and associated costs has led many organisations to reconsider their need for urgent delivery of their mail. If you're still sending your mail as priority, it could be time to re-assess.
Save an average of 19% on postage cost

4. Go online

Send your customer communications via digital channels.

If you've tried to send your customer communications via digital channels but didn't get the uptake you hoped for, or you're not sure where to start, Computershare can help. In the next edition of Reach & Connect, we will share with you effective strategies to migrate your customers online.

NRMA saved over $360,000 via email

Have you thought of...

Reducing the need to send physical communications by proactively influencing behaviour. Organisations that send SMS reminders before a call to action is due (e.g. bill payment) can see a reduction in their cost to communicate while increasing customer engagement and response

Talk to your Computershare representative for a full review of your current communications needs and let us help identify postage saving opportunities that work for you.