Automated processing of 4,000 communications per day

Computershare was able to deliver an intelligent digital mailroom solution and provide a great outcome for our business. The solution has enabled us to achieve process efficiencies and improve our customer experience.
                                                                                                                     - Project Manager, leading Australian wealth management organisation

Computershare worked with the wealth management division of one of Australia’s top four banks to streamline and automate customer communications they received. As an established trusted partner, we have provided composition, print and mail, and electronic delivery solutions to the company for more than 15 years. 

Our client is one of the largest providers of superannuation services in Australia. As part of its broader business strategy, the organisation sought to implement a digital solution to improve customer experience (CX) and improve efficiency by standardising the management of customer communications.
Our client had 32 staff members working within its internal mailroom to receive and distribute communications manually to the appropriate business workflow for processing. More than 4,000 customer communications are received daily by the organisation, in both physical and electronic forms. There are more than 200 types of incoming communications including applications, contributions and cheques. 
Computershare implemented a fully outsourced digital mailroom solution to process communications received through physical and digital channels. The organisation’s incoming physical mail, emails and faxes are now digitised by our document scanning, classification and data capture technology. These documents are automatically identified and classified before data is captured, and then distributed to the correct department.

All documents are now managed through a common process, enabling the business to standardise their internal procedures, increase the speed of processing and reduce errors.

By replacing manual tasks with automated processes to recognise documents, the number of steps required to process these documents has greatly decreased, reducing the time it takes the organisation to respond to their customers.​
Computershare’s digital mailroom solution has allowed the organisation to:

The benefits of partnering with Computershare were quickly recognised and the solution has now been extended to the organisation’s national mailroom operations. 

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