Customer experience - A battleground for banks

“A remarkable customer experience truly differentiates a brand. It is often the difference between a bank gaining repeat business and the customer going to a competitor,” says Computershare Communication Services’ Consultant, Tonia Hetherington

Today’s banking and finance customers expect an exceptional experience when applying for a personal or home loan. Customer experience includes all the individual touchpoints with the bank, including website information, customer service and personal communications. 

“Customer communications that deliver a consistent experience with personalised messages and regular updates, gives a competitive advantage,” she says.


Much of our daily work requires us to create, read or exchange communications with customers, peers and partners. 

“With such large quantities of information flowing through an organisation, systems that create and publish personalised communications are an essential service to enterprises,” Tonia Hetherington says.

In-house technology solutions can be expensive to implement and maintain, and often result in future technology obsolescence. Responsiveness and speed to market can also be impeded when scaling the IT infrastructure and operating resources in times of growth.  


Computershare’s digital platform delivers personalised communications and cost savings, reducing the associated IT infrastructure, software and staff training complexities.

Publisher Online, our digital composition tool, uses the same e-delivery, composition and production technologies as Computershare’s operating environment, enabling you to leverage our continuous investment in document management technologies through a low-cost op-ex, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) operating model. 

“That’s where our technology solution and CX consultants ensure customer communications are timely and achieve optimum customer engagement and action,” Tonia says. 

“We give users the flexibility to manage their communications, make instant changes and deliver personalised content across multiple channels, including email, SMS and print production, depending on customer preference.”

“It also gives organisations the flexibility to quickly communicate because of external influences such as legislation changes or market conditions.”

“For one banking client, our loan application processing solution reduced the time required to make changes and implement new communications, as the number of touch points were reduced by more than 50%.”​
  • Phase 1
    - Transaction publisher
    - Marketing publisher
    - Correspondance publisher
  • Phase 2
    - Web based interface
    - Job Management
    - Digital asset management
    - Automated composition engine
  • Phase 3
    - Automated workflow
    - Automated approval
  • Phase 4
    - Enterprise content management
    - Hand held mobile devices
    - Email
    - Paper / mail

​Computershare’s Publisher Online platform delivers high quality seamless communications

With a market capitalisation of more than AU$9 billion, Computershare offers the assurance of working with an Australian ASX listed business partner. We are a strategic partner who understands the challenges that come with communicating effectively in highly regulated, compliance driven markets. 
Computershare manages shareholder communication solutions for our own business, with a customer base that includes over half of the ASX 100. Our clients benefit from our own digital transformation where we have 85% digital engagement through our web channels, along with leveraging an established and resilient national production environment.  Our solutions are backed by Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and proven business continuity planning, risk management and IT security frameworks.
Across Computershare’s global network, we transfer sophisticated communication solutions and experience to deliver leading communication practices in local markets. Our ability to serve companies both globally and regionally results in more responsive and cost-effective implementation of communication services and technology solutions.

Speak to us today about creating a remarkable customer communications experience. Contact Matt Parkinson on 03 9415 5141 or email us.​

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