Raising capital can be complicated, but with good planning and a lot of experience, we'll make the process simple for you.

When it comes to raising funds, no one has greater knowledge or more experience than us. We have managed some of the largest Rights Issues and Share Purchase Plans in Australia and across the globe.

We’ll help you communicate the transaction so shareholders feel confident in the process. We’ll make it easy to understand the options available.
We’ll process applications, calculate and distribute entitlements, manage scale-backs, issue securities, and process shareholder responses.
Support investor interest by enabling Australian retail shareholders, brokers and investment advisers to order offer documents, receive live answers to shareholder enquiries regarding the offer and to assist shareholders to complete application forms.
We build tailored online solutions to make it easy for shareholders to respond as required by the transaction.
Maximise awareness with an outbound retail campaign and encourage shareholders to consider the offer. Directly deliver messages from the Board, company developments and strategy.

Ensure retail investors don’t miss out on your capital raising

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