All your share-based compensation reporting needs sorted

With the current pace of regulatory change, achieving your share-based compensation reporting obligations can be an onerous task. Often the regulatory requirements are many, but your resources are few. And depending on where you are listed, your reporting requirements will differ, and if you’re dual listed, they may be considerably more complex.

So, when it comes to share-based compensation reporting, you need a partner who can mitigate risk and help you meet your obligations efficiently. Our team of experienced, qualified professionals have an in-depth understanding of share-based compensation reporting and what you need to achieve to remain compliant. That’s why we offer an end-to-end service, complete with tailored advice, to help you efficiently meet your share-based compensation reporting requirements and reduce the associated burden.


What we offer

A comprehensive suite of compliant reports

Support with accounting close and annual auditing

Management of complex reporting requirements

An experienced, qualified team of professionals


Companies trust us to make meeting their share-based compensation reporting obligations easy


Why choose Computershare?

Know you're in safe hands

Relax knowing you have an accredited, trusted partner who will manage all your share-based compensation reporting needs.

Mitigate risk with accurate reporting

We have secure and direct access to your data, meaning we create accurate and complete reports, reducing your risk of non-compliance.


Efficient, streamlined delivery

Our standardised suite of reports means that we can quickly extract the required information and produce the reports you need to get your job done.

Support for complex requirements

Computershare’s team of qualified experts supports you with all your share-based compensation reporting needs, no matter how complex.


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