​​T​he FCA has created a campaign called ScamSmart to crack down on investment fraud

Investment scams are increasingly being designed to look like genuine investments, with a recent study revealing that retirees are most likely to be targeted.

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    Spot the warning signs

    Have your investors been: › contacted out of the blue › promised tempting returns and told an investment they're being offered is safe › called repeatedly, or › told an offer being made is only available for a limited time? If so, your investors might have been contacted by fraudsters and it may be worth considering what you can do to raise awareness of investment scams to help them guard against becoming a victim.

Four tools you can use to protect your investors

​The FCA has developed the following tools that you can use to protect your investors:

1. FCA Warning List​

​​​Fraudsters can approach investors at any time. If an investor thinks they've been targeted they can receive guidance based on the type of investment and how they heard about it.

The FCA's Warning List helps investors find out the risks associated with an investment and allows them to check a list of firms that are operating without permission.

​​2. Warning List widget

​​The FCA's Warning List widget allows you to add the Warning List to your website, giving your investors easy access to investment guidance so they can avoid scams.

The widget code can be adapted to fit any width larger than 150 pixels. Once an investor completes the form, they'll be taken to the main FCA Warning List website.

​​3. Video case studies

The FCA has created two video case studies which can be downloaded from their website for you to use on your own site or social media channels.

The case studies follow the stories of Derek and Richard, who were both on the receiving end of investment scams.

4. Flyers​

​​​The FCA has updated their boiler room flyers with two new designs which can be included as a standalone item with any shareholder mailing. You may have seen or used the previous versions which were produced with input from the ICSA Registrars Group. Alternatively, we can look at incorporating relevant wording or the flyer graphic into existing shareholder communications you're sending out.

If you're a client and are considering either of the above, please contact your Client Manager.

Investment fraud

​In 2015/16 there were over 3,000 reports of investment fraud. The actual number is expected to be higher when you consider that most investment fraud is not reported.

32000pounds were lost by the average victim last year
32percent of over 75s believe they've been targeted in the last three years
22percent of over 55s believe they've been targeted in the last three years

Read more later?

We've created a factsheet for you to download with all the tools you can use to protect your investors.

Download our factsheet