Investor Centre provides you with a intuitive user experience and features to help you make the most of managing your shareholding portfolio.

Intuitive layout

The layout for all the important information and features has been improved to make it easier to use

Better design

The site’s overall design has been enhanced to give you a fresh, contemporary experience

New features

‘What would you like to do?’ will assist you in quickly getting to the most commonly-used actions

Simplified navigation

The navigation has been improved to help you find the information you need, quickly

Set up your Investor Centre account

Keeping your details safe

Our highly secure portal provides rigorously tested, sophisticated defences that keep your details safe. Features include: 

A site seal

You select a colour and three key words that’s unique to you. When you log in, you are then presented back your choices to confirm that you are using the true version of Investor Centre and not being phished.

Email validation

When initially registering on the site, you must validate your email address, to ensure it is correct.

New security questions

There are now 82 security questions for you to choose from, so answers can’t be easily socially engineered, or extracted from a social media profile.

Designate ‘trusted’ and ‘non-trusted’ devices

Shared devices, such as a family tablet, can now be flagged as a ‘non-trusted device’, prompting you to answer your selected security questions. Equally, you can flag any ‘trusted devices’ allowing you to bypass your security questions for a quicker login process.

Make the most of Investor Centre by viewing the video below.