Investors of any of the companies listed below can sign up to our regulated Dividend Reinvestment Plan​(DRIP) 


What is the DRIP? 


Instead of receiving dividend payments via cheque or into a bank account, Computershare’s DRIP enables the shareholder to buy additional shares with dividend payments and build their portfolio. 


How do I join? 



You can sign up to the DRIP via Investor Centre, our secure shareholder website. Using your Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) to register, select ‘Dividend Plans’ and click ‘amend’ to change your election choices. 

By Post


Print one of the forms below and post it to us to sign up for the Dividend Reinvestment Plan. All completed forms should be sent to:

The Registrar 
Computershare Investor Services PLC 
The Pavilions 
Bridgwater Road 
United Kingdom


CompanyPrintable Form (PDF)Terms and Conditions (PDF)Terms and Conditions (PDF) with effect from 03/01/2018
Aberdeen Diversified Income and Growth Trust PlcDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​
Aviva - OrdinaryDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Aviva - Share Account
Download FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Ball Corporation Download FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs
Baronsmead Venture Trust plcDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​
Baronsmead Second Venture Trust plcDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​
BlackRock Commodities Trust Download FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
BlackRock Greater Europe Investment TrustDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
BlackRock Income & Growth Investment TrustDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​​​​​​​
BlackRock North American Inc TrustDownload FormDownload T&Cs Download T&Cs​
BlackRock Smaller CompaniesDownload Form Download T&Cs​Download T&Cs​​
BlackRock Throgmorton TrtDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​​​
BlackRock World Mining TrustDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs
Bovis HomesDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
British American TobaccoDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Bunzl Download FormDownload T&Cs Download T&Cs​
Charles Taylor GroupDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​
DevroDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Direct Line Insurance Group plcDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​
Edinburgh Worldwide Inv TrustDownload Form Download T&CsDownload T&Cs​
EP Global Opportunities TrustDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​
EssentraDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​​
European Investment TrustDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Foreign and Colonial Inv TrustDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​
HalmaDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Henderson Alternative Strategies TrustDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​
HG CapitalDownload Form Download T&CsDownload T&Cs​
Hill & Smith HoldingsDownload Form Download T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Honeycomb Investment Trust PLC​​Download FormDownload T&Cs ​Download T&Cs​
IG Group Holdings plcDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
InchcapeDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​
Informa Download FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Intermediate CapitalDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
KingfisherDownload Form Download T&CsDownload T&Cs​
Ladbrokes Coral Group plcDownload Form Download T&CsDownload T&Cs​​
Meggitt plc Download Form Download T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Merlin Entertainments PLCDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​
Mid Wynd Investment Trust Download FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Monks Investment TrustDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​​​
Numis Corporation PlcDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​
Pacific Horizon Investment TrustDownload Form Download T&CsDownload T&Cs​
Reckitt BenckiserDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Redrow plc Download FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​
Rio TintoDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs
RIT Capital Partners plcDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​​​
SchrodersDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Scottish American Investment TrustDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​​
Scottish Investment TrustDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​
Scottish Mortgage Investment TrustDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Smith & Nephew plcDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
St James's PlaceDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Standard Life Equity Inc TrustDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
SynthomerDownload Form Download T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Thomson ReutersDownload FormDownload T&Cs
TR Property Investment Trust plcDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
UnileverDownload FormDownload T&Cs​Download T&Cs​
Utilico Emerging Markets LtdDownload Form Download T&CsDownload T&Cs
Vodafone Gro​​upDownload FormDownload T&CsDownload T&Cs​
William HillDownload FormDownload T&Cs ​Download T&Cs​