You know that a well-run company means having an embedded culture of compliance and corporate governance. But your world is expanding in scope and complexity, with market pressures and business continuity challenges increasing the strategic importance of good governance. You are under constant pressure to deal with ever-changing regulatory and statutory requirements, as well as being able to advise multiple Boards and support the execution of corporate transactions.

Governance is at your core, with technology all around you

Now more than ever the ability to continue governance activities uninterrupted and virtually through technology is crucial. You need to introduce smarter and more flexible ways of working by leveraging trusted advisor relationships and the latest technologies.

As well as keeping on top of parent company governance and compliance obligations, it is essential that multinational groups have an effective global subsidiary management framework in place. Proactive application and monitoring of the framework drives standards and consistency across the business, placing governance and compliance at the very core of everything you do.

Be prepared for all possibilities

Today, businesses across all geographies are facing a changing and sometimes disrupting landscape, including unexpected environmental circumstances, organisational transformation, transactional activity and changing regulations.

Being armed and ready to respond is paramount, meaning you need to operate an agile resourcing model and rely heavily on technology to get desired outcomes. Being able to collaborate and communicate effectively through technology with multiple parties who are operating remotely across different locations is now the new normal.

Control your course

Rather than simply keeping the company compliant and out of trouble, your role has become increasingly strategic. You need to be the central nervous system for the whole group and future-focused to predict change and outcomes, satisfy a wide range of stakeholder expectations and continuously improve governance practices to minimise risk and deliver value.

Your success requires the right partners in your ecosystem to gain accurate and timely knowledge, intelligence and insights which will help you proactively plan and control your course.

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