​​We are delighted to announce that we have retained the number one spot in the 2017 Capital Analytics survey


The Capital Analytics Registrar survey asks all the companies in the FTSE 350 to review their registrar's service level. We are pleased to announce that we have retained the top spot for the third year running.


This is the eighth time in 10 years where we have achieved the status of the UK's leading registrar, which is a real testament to our commitment to lead our industry.​


New for this year is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) which is an industry standard for recognising customer loyalty. Our clients gave Computershare an 'Overall Satisfaction' score of 69, with Equiniti and Capita scoring 56 and 44 respectively. We also came top with our 'Likelihood to Recommend' NPS of 66. We take great pride in these ratings as it shows our clients are true advocates for the services that we offer.


We were also top or joint top in all six service areas, scoring 99 per cent for General Meeting Management and Dividend Service.


Here are our top highlights from the 2017 Capital Analytics survey: ​​
  • 69

    We achieved an ‘Overall Satisfaction’ score of 69

    Equiniti = 56 Capita = 44

  • 66

    We scored a ‘Likelihood to Recommend’ NPS of 66

    Equiniti = 53 Capita = 44

  • 6

    We came top or joint top in all six services areas


​​​* Based on % of ratings of four and five on a five point scale

Many of our client management team were also personally acknowledged in the feedback, which I know means a lot to them.

Over the last year we have worked hard on improving our products and services and we are happy that our clients have recognised these efforts. 

However, we never forget that our clients are the reason we are here, and we will not rest on our laurels. We are determined to continue leading our industry which is why we are even more excited about the future.