​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our data + your portfolio = effective strategic decisions

As a buyer or owner of mortgage assets, you'll want certainty about the quality and value of your assets and their future performance. We'll help you to be confident that the strategic decisions you make are informed and provide you with a strong competitive advantage.

Our team of experts will support you with your short and long-term strategies so you can grow the profitability of your portfolio.

How we use our data:
  • ​​We use statistical segmentation tools to understand your portfolio
  • We use multidimensional​ data and detailed performance metrics to understand your past and current performance
  • We can compare how your portfolio is performing against other portfolios in your industry

Improving your portfolio performance

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    Analysing your portfolio

    Our market-leading analytics team will analyse your portfolio so you can make smarter business decisions. > We have the largest pool of mortgage data in the UK that spans over 20 years> We can help you understand your historical, current and future portfolio> Developed by our expert team of mortgage data modellers

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    Predicting the success of your portfolio

    We use statistical models to help predict redemption, future losses and ultimately account profitability for your portfolio> We combine predicted losses and income to predict future cash flows discounted back to current value (Net Present Value models)

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    Valuing your portfolio

    We can forecast future portfolio performance> We combine Portfolio Analysis and Modelling to inform pricing, asset purchases, capital expenditure and to consider the impact of external factors such as interest rates

Experts in managing mortgages

3000000mortgage accounts in our data pool
600000live mortgage accounts currently managed
20years of historical data

Professional servicing

Helping you improve your portfolio's performance.

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