Every day we work alongside both listed and unlisted companies to understand their priorities and to help them solve problems. This case study showcases how we assisted a client to successfully overcome challenges related to their beneficial holder analysis which helped to secure them a positive AGM voting result for the company.

The client

At the centre of this story is an Australian-based company that has been operating in the travel industry for over 15 years. Specialising in domestic and international travel products and services, they support companies both locally and abroad. This listed company has over 500 employees and more than 15,000 shareholders.

Western Australia

The challenge

When COVID-19 brought the travel industry to a standstill, our client, like many companies across Australia, had to focus on safeguarding the future of their business. With regulations and restrictions changing every day, our client decided to explore new avenues to help them adapt and continue to move their business forward amid the uncertainty.

Our client faced two main challenges, which led them to look for a share registry partner adequately equipped to provide informed, timely support.

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    Challenge #1

    They were unable to develop effective investor engagement strategies due to limited insight into their beneficial holder base. Their existing reporting solution used incomplete and outdated information.

  • voting

    Challenge #2

    They needed to achieve positive voting outcomes at their Annual General Meeting (AGM) but were unable to confidently plan ahead due to constantly changing regulations.

The solution

Computershare worked with the Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer to understand the exact nature of the challenges they were facing. After a comprehensive review, we offered the following solutions:

Comprehensive vote monitoring, tabulation and reporting via:

  • Proxymity


    Real-time, 24/7 access to beneficial voting data which offers the opportunity to address any unexpected voting trends well in advance of the AGM.

  • ProxyWatch


    Integrates all voting results and provides 24/7 live visibility on voting, proxy tabulation and reporting (including proxy votes via mail and fax.)

  • InvestorVote


    Provides a streamlined way for shareholders to vote online and submit questions relating to the company’s AGM resolutions.

Access to in-depth expertise and years of experience through:

  • Beneficial Holder Analysis

    Beneficial Holder Analysis

    Reporting offering accurate and up-to-date insight into beneficial holder trading behaviour, via our trusted partner Nasdaq.

  • team of meetings experts

    Support and guidance

    Support and guidance from a team of meetings experts to navigate the complex regulatory environment.

  • Proactive account management

    Proactive approach

    Proactive account management and servicing from an experienced, dedicated relationship manager.

The outcome

The in-depth investor relations reporting provided by Nasdaq enabled the client to better understand their underlying holder base. This, combined with Computershare’s comprehensive vote monitoring, tabulation and reporting, led to the client’s Board of Directors feeling empowered to develop truly effective investor engagement strategies, securing them positive AGM voting outcomes.

By partnering with Computershare, this listed company now has access to extensive expertise and proactive account management, providing them with confidence despite a continuously evolving market. Their dedicated relationship manager stands beside them every step of the way to answer questions and keep them informed.

confident business

Our client can now:

  • Empower their board to engage with shareholders using our complete, accurate and timely investor relations reporting

  • Easily achieve and maintain compliance with our prompt market updates explaining key regulatory developments

  • Accurately budget every quarter with our predictable, transparent cost structure

  • Have confidence that all their registry needs are taken care of with our proactive approach to account management.


About Computershare

Computershare provides a broad range of products and services with share registry management and corporate actions being at the core of our business. We offer global coverage underpinned by local expertise and maintain a footprint in 22 countries around the globe. We have the teams, market insight and industry knowledge to guide our clients through even the most complex transactions.

Our strategic market relationships and deep understanding of the industry informs how we service our clients. While our focus is to deliver outstanding service today, we also simultaneously consider what the future holds, regularly engaging with the broader market to ensure our clients feel empowered to successfully navigate life as a listed company.

We have over 45 years’ experience supporting listed companies to achieve their strategic goals and with an average client tenure of 16 years you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with Computershare.


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