Did you know that 1 in every 7 people has a disability?

An estimated 1 billion people have a disability that affects their vision, hearing, motor skills or cognitive function. This may make everyday tasks, like using a computer, difficult and could affect how they access their share plan. 

We want to help you to reduce barriers to share plan participation. Our share plan platform meets or exceeds all of the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), and we'd like to share the six big areas we've been working on to ensure all your employees have the opportunity to participate in your share plans.

Our six top tips

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    1. Review text size and give the option to increase where needed

    Text resizing allows users who are visually impaired to increase the size of content whilst maintaining access to, and functionality of, the content. Using the web browser's zooming feature to zoom text, or using the font resize within our platform, enables people with poor vision to access share plan information without the need for assistive technology.

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    2. Add alternative text

    Screen readers can be used to read out webpage content to blind users, but they cannot analyse or identify images. Using alternative text, the text equivalent of an image, enables users with visual impairments to understand what an image represents. In our platform all alternative text for images is automatically provided.

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    3. Use headings to organise the structure of the content

    Headings are also important to the functionality of screen readers. Using headings correctly to structure the content of the page means screen readers can identify the purpose and content of each section.

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    4. Use colour with care, and respect the contrast ratio

    300 million people globally are colour blind, which makes viewing certain colour contrasts difficult. The colours used on our platforms follow the guidelines for contrast ratios, making them accessible to someone who is colour blind.

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    5. Ensure all content can be accessed with keyboard alone

    Many people with motor impairments are not able to hold or use a mouse to navigate. Our platform can be navigated using a keyboard alone, so it's accessible for users with motor impairments.

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    6. Make sure navigation is consistent

    For users who rely on a screen reader to understand the contents of a page, consistent structure is important. A logical navigation pathway will enable them to use the platform efficiently. Since these users cannot see the page they need to visualise it based on what they hear. As such, the navigation on our platform is optimised with this in mind.

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Partnering with us can make administering your share plan simple, and we'll help to ensure all your employees have the opportunity to engage and participate in your plan. Request a platform demo to get started today:

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