​Computershare’s Mailing Address for Issuer’s Annual Report ​

Whichever Delivery Options you choose, you will want to include Computershare’s Corporate Contact Information in your Annual Report.​

Computershare Investor Services
100 University Ave., 8th Floor
Toronto, ON M5J 2Y1
1 800 564 6253* 

Web Contact Form: www.investorcentre.com/service 

*Please Note: This is the standard toll-free number for securityholders. If you have a dedicated toll-free line set up for securityholders, you will want to replace this number with your own.

Investor Centre – Self-Service Online
Investor Centre​ is a free online service for our investors.  This secure, self-service portal is designed to improve your investor experience by giving your securityholders simple and convenient access to their holdings. Securityholders benefit from Investor Centre’s easy-to-use functionality that enables them to:
  • Update banking details for direct credit of dividend payments
  • Request a cheque replacement
  • Obtain dividend reinvestment plan documents and enrollment forms'
  • Request a Direct Registration (DRS) Transaction form 
  • Initiate a share sale request for Plan shares
  • Set up a direct debit for one-time or recurring Optional Cash Purchases of Plan shares


  • Search and view investment plans, view plan documents and compare plan features
  • View your portfolio details and check balances
  • View transaction and payment history
  • View statements and tax documents
  • Get quick answers from our virtual agent Penny
  • Check your inbox for important updates and useful new features
  • Use the stock quote feature to search for price history


  • Obtain forms and instructions to transfer shares
  • Update your mailing and email addresses
  • Update your Social Insurance Number
  • Sign up for electronic delivery of documents

Sample Wording for Your Website

Below is some sample wording that you can insert on your Investor Relations/Securityholder Services areas of your own website where Computershare contact information exists:

Did you know that you can access all your accounts online? 

Secure, convenient and easy-to-use, Computershare’s Investor Centre website provides you with access, 24/7 to manage your transactions and account details. It’s easy to register. Visit www.investorcentre.com​.​