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Warrants, Special Warrants and Subscription Receipts

We act as agent in respect of private or public placements by maintaining the register of holders, and processing exercise rights and distributing funds or securities as required.


Oil and Gas Royalties

Computershare can act as trustee in respect of various types of Oil and Gas trusts. Appointing a trustee and centralizing ownership for a mineral trust simplifies leasing and makes it easy to transfer beneficial ownership. The title ownership will be secure and lessee administrative costs will be reduced.


Trustee services for mutual funds and investment funds

We act as an independent and impartial trustee, recognized for our depth of specialized expertise.

Québec Immigrant Investor Program

The Government of Québec provides the opportunity for qualifying management professionals to immigrate to Québec through the Québec Immigrant Investor Program. The program is managed by Québec’s Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion (MIDI). Computershare currently acts as a financial intermediary and facilitator in the program.


Why Computershare?

Computershare Corporate Trust is an industry leader with decades of experience as a provider of trustee and sophisticated agency services for private and public companies, investment bankers, asset managers as well as governments and institutions.

$5.3 Trillionof debt under administration
$347.8 Billionin assets under administration
$1.2 Trillionin funds movements

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