Drive employee performance with an ownership stake in your business

An Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) is the easiest and often the most cost-effective way for employees to purchase shares in your company. With an ESPP, employees buy shares through payroll deductions – either at a discount from the market rate or with a company match – allowing them to invest in the future success of the business. Setting vesting schedules for the matching contributions can help encourage employee retention.

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    Having a stake in company performance is a powerful motivator and can help reduce staff turnover. Participants in ESPPs are often more engaged and loyal employees.

    • Open participation to all employees

    • Attract and retain top talent

    • Create a culture of ownership

    • Improve staff performance

    • Deliver across borders

    • Raise capital

Engaged for success

High participation is the key to success for ESPPs. The keys to achieving high participation rates are effective plan communications and an intuitively easy way for employees to manage their investments.

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    Drive excitement and participation in your ESPP

    It's important to ensure employees understand the benefits of your ESPP and know how your plan works. Our communications experts will deliver a campaign that resonates with your employees and sets up your plan for success.

    Employee Communications
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    The intuitive platform for ESPPs

    Enable your participants to manage their ESPP with the EquatePlus platform and EquateMobile app. Ensure they never miss plan events with the task manager, on-screen messaging, and push notification alerts.

    Engaging Technology

An offer for all employees

An ESPP is a benefit that can be made available to all employees in most countries. Offering an ESPP can make your company more attractive to top recruits, to help you deliver on your people priorities. The regular payroll deductions from participants also provides a steady cash flow to the company.

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    No matter the design, no matter the size, we have a flexible suite of tools to help you set up and manage your plan.

    • Designed to meet your unique needs

    • Available on all major stock exchanges

    • Real-time trading in any currency

    • Compliance, tax and reporting

    • Tax withholding and mobility tracking

    • Plan campaigns and alerts

    • Intuitive platform and mobile app

Throughout the development and launch of your employee equity plan, we’ll help you build a clear understanding of your plan and ensure it aligns to your business objectives. You’ll have the support of a dedicated relationship manager to give you expert assistance you need. Your relationship manager will be your primary point of contact and will ensure all your requirements are delivered seamlessly.

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