Enhance the employee share ownership experience

Employee share ownership has an important role to play in your company’s performance. To successfully contribute to a culture of motivated employees, employee equity plans must be engaging and accessible with easy interaction.

We’re here to do just that. Our focus is to help you bring out the best in your employee equity plan by delivering an engaging experience for plan participants.

Launch with engaging campaigns

Encourage your employees to participate in your program with ENGAGE, our ready-made or bespoke communications created by employee equity plan experts. A properly executed ENGAGE campaign can:

  • Increase enrolment in your broad-based employee equity plan

  • Help employees better understand the value of the plans offered

  • Create excitement and engagement among your employees

Immediate, efficient and convenient support

Our contact centres deliver a unique support experience, allowing employees a quick way to discuss and manage their share plans.

500+Support agents 
around the globe
100+Languages supported
55000+Calls and HelpChats per month
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    Deliver through intuitive technology

    We designed EquatePlus to enable participants to easily interact with their holdings, all within your company’s brand. By simplifying the experience, the platform allows your employees to:

    • Log in with Single Sign On (SSO) – no need for additional passwords

    • Take control of their holdings 24/7, with easy-to-follow screens

    • Get access anywhere, anytime via the EquateMobile App

    • See real-time share values and performance, and trade in real-time

    • Step-by-step instructions and wizards to guide participants

    • Customise the platform to the language and currency of their choice

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    Convenient support for your participants

    Your participants want help whenever they need it. With clients and participants around the globe, we provide access to help online and by phone in their language.

    • Get instant online support with HelpChat with a real person

    • Access help articles and Frequently Ask Questions

    • Talk to our contact centres in up to 100 languages

    • Get quick answers to plan specific and general questions

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