​​​​A successful meeting lies in the planning

When it comes to your meeting, you simply want everything to run smoothly - with no surprises. And the moment one AGM closes, you're never far off starting to plan the next. We're here to take away some of that pressure by helping you to plan and execute a successful meeting.​


Managing your shareholder votes


We'll ensure your Notice of Meeting, proxy appointment and voting instructions get to your shareholders on time.


Institutional investors can vote through CREST, while individual shareholders can choose to:


  1. Attend your meeting and vote in person

  2. Appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf (via the internet or in paper form)


With the voting window open, you can keep an eye on voting via an online reporting portal. Your Client Manager will also monitor any areas of concern for you and will quickly advise of any action you may wish to take.


Securing a contentious resolution


Sometimes, a resolution can face intense scrutiny from shareholders. It's essential that your proposals are clear and engaging. This means you may not be able to rely on the information that accompanies the Notice of Meeting and proxy forms to tell the story. You must be proactive.


Through our colleagues at Georgeson – a Computershare company – we can help. Georgeson specialises in Proxy Solicitation. Through Georgeson, together we can analyse the issues and attitudes of your shareholder base, and develop a strategy to give you the best chance of your gaining approval for your resolutions.


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