​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Share r​egistration made simple


If you have shareholders, you need to keep a register of who they are and how many shares they own. It's required in company law. For listed companies, investors are trading every second the markets are open. Those trades will be settled and ownership will pass from one party to another – and your share register has to stay up to date. This, in a nutshell, is what we do. ​

We combine our smart technology and even smarter people to give you and your board the certainty of accurate shareholder records, any time you need it. No big words, no unnecessary complexity. If you work with us, we make share registration simple.


​Share registration is where we began as a company, and with 35+ years' experience and 900 clients in the UK and a further 100 clients in Ireland we're never short of a good idea. With expert registry teams in all major financial markets, we use our global insight to share new approaches from around the world and deliver solutions for companies with listings in the UK and Ireland or in multiple markets. ​​


We're here to help you

We'll take the pain away from regular activities such as distributing dividend payments, managing votes and general meetings, and handling shareholder enquiries. We're here for your one-offs too, with expert teams seasoned in delivering various corporate actions such as capital raisings, divestments, stock splits/consolidations, mergers and acquisitions.


Expert support at every step of your registry journey

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    Access new investment via IPO for your exciting times ahead.

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    Considering moving your register? It’s less hassle than you might think

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    Relax. We’ll manage all your share registry needs.