This year we updated our family leave program in the United States to include more paid parental leave. Louis Kassam, our Global Core Operations (GCO) Chief of Staff shares his experience of this benefit when he welcomed and enjoyed the first weeks with his new baby girl, Lior.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your time at Computershare:

I grew up in Southwest London, my Mum is Irish and my Dad is Indian. I met my wife serendipitously on the 7th November 2015 on a trip to New York and two years later I was living there. In 2021, we were married by ‘Elvis’ on Las Vegas Boulevard’s Little White Wedding Chapel!

I started my role at Computershare in September 2022. In just over 14 months, I had noticed that the Purple Culture is not just a concept unique to the US. Every Computershare employee I have encountered across the globe has been so wonderful. 

Tell us more about your experience becoming a father to Lior:

We found out my wife was pregnant on the very same day that Computershare introduced the new parental leave policy which included six weeks paid leave for fathers in the US. The timing was such that I thought there must be a catch!

My wife gave birth to our daughter Lior on 8th August and after the first month we headed up to my mother-in-law’s place in Rhode Island where we stayed put for my six weeks paternity leave: it was nothing short of magical. 

Louis with baby Lior


That time allowed me to create memories with my daughter that I will forever cherish. I had the incredible opportunity to spend almost every waking hour with her, witness her first smiles, build a deeper connection with her on daily morning beach walks and feeds and ultimately help my wife with daily parenting responsibilities after a tough birth.

I returned to work six weeks later feeling so content and grateful for the opportunity to have actively participated in my daughter's first two months. I cannot stress enough how much of an impact it has had on me and my family. I'll always remember these first two months with my daughter and witnessing my wife become a mother.

Why is a work life balance important to you?

Because when you feel supported by your company, as I did with my paternity leave, you then go the extra mile from a work perspective in return. Whether it is a vacation or parental leave, having a company that promotes you taking that time off increases focus and concentration when at work and promotes overall mental and physical wellbeing. 

Computershare’s commitment to championing a work-life balance is something that I believe sets our organisation apart.

What really stands out for you working at Computershare?

It is the people that stand out for me at Computershare, there is a real sense of community at this company. People have time for one another, are generous, considerate, and genuinely care about getting to know one another building both personal and professional relationships. 

My desk was absolutely swamped with gifts for Lior on my first day back at work, confirmation that Computershare is filled with a special group of people.


In the United States we offer up to twelve weeks of paid leave for birth parents and up to six weeks for non-birth (adoptive) parents and surrogates.

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