At Computershare, we pride ourselves on offering our employees a world of opportunities and a career that can take you anywhere. When Computershare acquired Wells Fargo Corporate Trust, Joe Sabroski, Content Marketing Manager, saw this as the perfect opportunity to embrace the Computershare way and reinvent his career.

Joe started working as a Finance and Accounting Senior Analyst at Wells Fargo Corporate Trust Services in 2013 after graduating with a degree in Finance from the Carlson School of Management. For nearly ten years, Joe developed his skills and experience in finance driven by the analytical left side of his brain, but he always felt a calling from the opposite side. In his spare time, Joe found a growing passion for creativity. He began writing as a freelance journalist and later took courses in marketing, photography, and branding. Eventually he built up a portfolio demonstrating creative direction and storytelling across multiple mediums.

“Once I discovered the world of digital marketing, I realised my creative skills were more than just a passion project—they were dynamic, evolving and very much in demand.”

Joe Sabroski



Though Joe was eager to pursue Marketing full-time, the right opportunity did not appear until the Wells Fargo acquisition where he became part of the Computershare Corporate Trust team. Through internal networking, Joe was introduced to Rachel Young, CCT Head of Marketing, and seeing the combination of his Corporate Trust knowledge and writing skills as a unique asset, Rachel offered Joe a writing project. This project led to Joe’s success in securing his role as a Marketing Content Manager, and Joe is now responsible for the development of content that promotes Corporate Trust products and services.

“It’s the culture of collaboration and entrepreneurial thinking that facilitated my own career transition. I’m so grateful to everyone who helped make this happen, and to be part of a company that demonstrates leadership and care through action.”


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